Refund Policy

Return, refund and cancellation policies

Effective Date : 15 January 2018

Payment for Services / Cancellation by the Consumer

The Consumer must maintain a valid debit/credit card registered on our Website.

The Consumer must ensure that all contact and payment information (email address, physical address, credit/debit card numbers) are accurate and not misleading.

It is the Consumer’s duty to keep Mop Stick informed about any changes.

The Consumer must make the payment in full in advance for one-off Booking or for the first Service in the case of Repeat Bookings (referred to below as The Deposit.

The Consumer authorises Mop Stick to charge for each subsequent clean which takes place, to its credit/debit card. This charge takes place after the clean is completed.

Other means of payment are available after a written agreement is made between the Consumer and Mop Stick.

The Consumer can cancel the cleaning session at any time by writing to Mop Stick via our Website or by sending the text message. There is no charge if the Consumer cancels at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time for the Service. If so, Mop Stick will refund the Deposit in case of a one-off Booking/ first Clean (of a Repeat Booking).

If The Consumer does not cancel within 24 hours before the scheduled start time for the Cleaner’s visit, then Mop Stick will charge £10.00 (to cover administration fee and cost of the travel of The Cleaner).

If The Cleaner doesn’t turn up and the Consumer notifies Mop Stick via Website or text message within 24 hours after the scheduled start time, then the Consumer has the option to rearrange another time for the Service or receive a full refund. Mop Stick reserves the right not to make a refund or re-arrange a visit if Mop Stick is not notified within that 24 hour period.

The Consumer may cancel The Booking within 7 working days of placing the order by email or text message.

If any amount due from the Consumer is unpaid, Mop Stick may:
– charge reasonable additional administration costs
– charge interest (both before and after judgement)
– suspend the Services
– cancel this agreement on a written notice

Mop Stick may change the prices after given a one month written notice.

Cancellation by Mop Stick

Mop Stick reserves the rights to cancel this agreement without notice in special circumstances. If so, Mop Stick will refund in full the Deposit in the case of Repeat Bookings when the first visit has not occurred.

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