Cleaning per hour£13
Detergents per sessions (optional)£6

For all your daily, weekly  or

monthly routine tasks will give you a hand .

We offer a practical shopping service to make our customer’s daily tasks easier. Saving your valuable time and you can spend it with your family and friends. We know how fast and busy the life today is and people have long and exhausting hours out of home every day. As the youngest attendance we have founded, our shopping is expecting to be one of the most successful activities.
We will be happy to support and give a hand to the elderly and disabled residents of London with their daily routine tasks and deliver all products they need or help them make the shopping service much easier and pleasant experience.
You can have shopping service as part of our regular domestic cleaning service or on its own. Only we ask you to provide a shopping list and we will do it, bring it, unpack it and put every single thing away for you.


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